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Dry Stone Dyking

Experienced dry stone dyking specialist with full DSWA certification.

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All types of masonry walling undertaken.

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Services include a full design package with planting plans and all hard and soft landscaping. View Landscaping Gallery.

Decorative Features

Decorative stone work is a great way to enhance the look of any outdoor or indoor space. See the galleries for inspiration and examples of my work.

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A note about pricing stone work:

Due to the many factors involved when pricing dry stone or masonry work it is impossible to state a single price or rate before discussing a job in a bit of depth. Below is a brief explanation of the factors involved and why they are important.

  • New build or Rebuild

Building a new wall is invariably going to cost more than rebuilding or repairing an existing wall due to the additional cost of buying in stone. Also the stone will need to be sorted or 'graded' and usually dressed to be used as building stone, covers and copes*. The preparation of foundations is also normally a requirement for new builds.

  • Stone

This is probably the most important consideration when pricing work. Walls built using small stone generally take longer to build than walls built out of large stone. The type of stone can also be a factor as some stone can be difficult to work with. In addition to this the choice of stone is also an important consideration for the client - different stone will cost different amounts and also each type of stone has its own unique character and look. Samples of stone can usually be shown to help make this decision.

In addition to these two main factors there are many other factors that must come into consideration, for example the height of the wall, access to the site, whether the wall is curved or on a slope, the style of wall desired and the complexity of any decorative features which might be part of the job. For jobs outside South West Scotland there may also be an additional cost of travel and accomodation.

* For an explanation of these technical terms and some examples of different styles of walling that can be achieved take a look at this PDF document.


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  • Galloway Stone Craft have worked a large number of landscaping projects over the last four years at our home. These have included building dry stone walls, masonry walls, haw-haw walls, water features and raised beds. Their work has been of exceptional quality both aesthetically and in the excellence of the build. Rory and his team are extremely professional, exact and a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending them.
  • Over the last few years we have been building a new house in Kirkcudbright and Rory has been heavily involved throughout. We are very pleased indeed with the work he has carried out. He constructed boundary walls and a retaining wall, put stone cladding on two of the house walls and formed a walled garden. In every case he not only interpreted our own and our architect’s ideas but also was very willing to put forward his own suggestions as to how the design could be improved. We have no hesitation in recommending Rory for stonework and garden design.
    Ross and Margaret Wilson